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Become compliant with the complicen!
The complicen are dedicated to make your company compliant and your organization efficient and agile.

Why choose the complicen?
Bundled expertise with a high quality standard is our added value – for your company as well. Our mission is to make your company fit for the future with manageable effort.

Compliance Consulting



GDPR compliance requires accountability + documentation, transparency + information as well as risk management within the framework of defined structures + responsibilities

Process consulting


Entrepreneurial growth and earnings are created through the combination of people and processes. Make specific use of our expertise and practical ideas for your growth.

IT and data protection law

IT- und Datenschutzrecht

The feasible and the permitted are not always congruent. Not all that is possible is permitted. Therefore, our legal advice should not be a hindrance, but an enabler of your business.


IT Consulting

Digital processes require a stable, flexible and suitable IT solution. Based on your compliance requirements, we consult you on hybrid deployment scenarios.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge management that deserves its name must bring practical know-how to the table in a transparent and selective manner.

The Complicen – Your experts for compliance cases

Herr Schmidt
Markus M.Schmidt
Your complice for management consulting, project and data protection management

Herr Wagner
Maik H. Wagner
Your complice for knowledge management

Frau Weitz
Monika Weitz
Your complicin for process consulting

Frau Luthers-Thümmel
Dace L. Luthers-Thümmel
Your complicin for IT and data protection law

Andreas Gradl
Andreas Gradl
Your complice for IT-Compliance and Managed Services

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Markus M. Schmidt
Network Coordinator
Tel: +49 (6172) 948666

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