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Data is the asset of our time – share your data with the hostIT box

Safety first


hostIT box offers encryption right on the client. Client-side encryption is the highest level of security when exchanging data and an important factor in fulfilling the GDPR, which will come into force on 25 May 2018.



hostIT box can be adjusted to your company. A must for data exchange is the own CI – as it offers “visual security”. Your customers and partners should see immediately that you are communicating with them. By full branding we mean: your own URL, design and texts + optionally your own apps for iPhone and Android.

Market leader

hostIT box is based on Dracoon, the market leader in GSA for high-security Enterprise File Sync & Share. Dracoon is led by ISG/Experton in the Leader Quadrant.

Legally secure


hostIT box raises your data protection to a new level. The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation had to be implemented by 25 May 2018. With hostIT box data can be used and stored in accordance with the GDPR.

What the GCT hostIT box can do

Secure data environment
You share your data with the hostITbox as safely as you would wish. Password protected, with expiry date, limited downloads etc.

Well organised
Simple usability and perfect workflows to share your sensitive data and organize it in datarooms and folders.

Sophisticated rights concept
In hostITbox you can give users various administration roles thanks to a granular rights concept and provide them with separate rights for each individual dataroom.

Das kann die hostIT box

Access anytime and anywhere

Zugriff immer und überall

No boundaries – no limits. You have access to your data and datarooms from every device – whether it is a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. You can manage your data independently of office space and hours. You can access your data and datarooms conveniently via web browser or apps. With a client for Windows or Mac you integrate your datarooms into the Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder. And with the Outlook for Windows add-in, mail attachments are a thing of the past. You only send download links – if desired, password-protected and with an expiration date.

System independent

Our hostIT box is independent from OS and browsers. You do not have to leave your familiar environment as our box is integrated into your workflow. The hostIT box can be integrated into your automated processes via a comprehensive API interface.


Exchange and store data in compliance with the GDPR!

The GDPR has come into force on 25.05.2016. It was mandatory to implement all the requirements contained therein by 25.05.2018 at the latest. Otherwise, fines of up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of the total annual worldwide turnover as well as a major loss of public reputation are imminent. The GDPR affects all companies and organisations that collect, process and store personal data. This includes e.g. customer data, names or e-mail addresses.

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