Professional e-mail management

Why manage it yourself, if you can rent it at the most professional level as a Managed service? From Managed Exchange account, over mail archiving to solutions for storing and sharing documents and data in a Cloud made in Germany, we offer the full range of individual solutions at prices according to measure.

hostIT mailarchive

E-mail archiving – simple, convenient and legally compliant!

With hostIT mailarchive companies can enjoy all the advantages of modern e-mail archiving simple and secure for themselves. hostIT mailarchive stores unalterable copies of all emails in a central archive and thus ensures their safety and availability over many years. Users of hostIT mailarchive can still access their e-mails and search them extremely fast via the seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook.

Fully automatic


All incoming and sent e-mails are automatically archived in a legally compliant manner (including unchangeable) – without manual interaction.

Simply clear


Your inbox will be cleared of emails that you have previously kept there for archiving. Any existing filing structures (e.g. Outlook folders) are also retained in the archive.

Full cost control

Kosten im Griff

The GCT hostIT mailarchive price model is based on a fixed price flat per archive per month. There are no costs for the growing storage capacity.

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hostIT mail

Managed Exchange environment – highly available, protected and scalable.

Managing an Exchange environment is complex and expensive. With GCT hostIT mail you rent a constantly modern, highly available and managed e-mail infrastructure – instead of buying and operating it yourself. 



Multi-client capable Hosted Exchange infrastructure of multiple clusters and redundant systems.



Protection through high-class antispam filters against mails with unwanted content.



Mailbox access via almost any mail client and device type.

hostIT box

Store and share documents safely & encrypted

The exchange of sensitive company information is subjected to special requirements for access protection and data security.



Mit GCT hostIT box nutzen Sie eine führende deutsche Lösung, die über Datenschutzsiegel der ULD und EuroPriSe verfügt und DSGVO-konform ist. With the GCT hostIT box you use a leading german solution, which is ULD and EuroPriSe certified and GDPR compliant. 



Your confidential documents and data are stored highly secure and encrypted.

Access control


Document sharing is based on your selected permissions.