GCT Management

The GCT Story

We founded our company, the GCT Gesellschaft für Computer-Technologie, at a time when the “IBM PC” was still installed with MS-DOS and WordPerfect – partly thanks to us – was the undisputed market leader: 1989.

At first, we only distributed software to system houses; by the end of the nineties, we had become one ourselves.

In 2004, in cooperation with one of our long-standing customers, we developed the idea that heralded the next era – “don’t we want to put your servers at GCT?”

They wanted to do it – we could do it! Mouth-to-mouth propaganda drew the attention of the other companies to our outsourcing solution, and in 2007 we finally set up our own IT platform in one of the first data centers in Frankfurt – and have been constantly developing it further.

Nowadays, we operate a state-of-the-art, highly available and powerful infrastructure in Rödelheim, which enables us to offer you a wide range of managed and self-services. Combined with the IT at your location and solutions from the “public cloud”, our hybrid model creates a dynamic symbiosis of efficiency and availability for you.

With our team of certified technicians and IT specialists, we now support a three-digit number of small and mid-sized companies and even some large corporations with special applications.

We extend our Provider and System House divisions with consulting on IT concepts and compliance issues – supported by a network of cooperation partners, all of whom are experts in their fields.

We want you to be able to concentrate on your business and want us to be your reliable partner for your IT infrastructure and processes.

“IT as a Service” is the future.
We work for this every day!

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